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» Comics - Business: Part 3 - 09 January 2007 04.30.18.pm

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insertgil, 09 January 2007 04.23.39.pm

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Not much to say here. I just feel bad because I have to follow up Steve Job's keynote! Talk about tough!

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Advertisement, 21 August 2019 03.12.04.pm

blingmobile, 11 January 2007 08.38.22.am

Nice ad.

IGHeath, 11 January 2007 06.22.26.pm

I thought your name was Jerry...or...Justus...or...Jinglehimerschmit.

Yeah, shut up kid.

dinodudemax, 11 January 2007 07.58.23.pm

What are we supposed to be doing... *goes into meditation*

IG Bruiser, 12 January 2007 02.08.37.am

wow heath posted a comment, and i thought he dropped of the face of the internet

insertgil, 12 January 2007 09.24.16.pm

Heath's Alive?
Oh... crap... *goes to rewrite the Heath kill-off episode...*

As for "what's going on" with this story arc, you COULD reread the past story arc, but the basic idea is that JPatch and Syd have taken up work at a nondescript business to make money for tickets on the "Forever Train."

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