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» Comics - Business: Part 1 - 02 January 2007 04.00.17.pm

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insertgil, 02 January 2007 03.25.18.pm

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Before you start throwing full wine bottles at your computer screen, I want you to know that I love THE OFFICE. I watched a few episodes over the past couple of weeks, and I abso-freakin-lutely love it.

To honor such humorous broadcasting, I have decided to parody it as part of the regular Insert Gil series (as in, this all fits in with the rest of the story).

Note: I do speak of the American Workplace, not the original. I do, however, want to see some of the BBC series sometime soon.

Images used under Creative Commons Attribution License:
Office building
Office space
Poster on the wall
Office sign

Advertisement, 21 August 2019 03.03.17.pm

Teron, 02 January 2007 05.03.00.pm

Ah, you should indeed see the british one. It's 50% funnier.

PoisonedV, 04 January 2007 12.25.49.am

Custom sprites are way better than RM2k3 sprites

insertgil, 04 January 2007 11.02.16.am

And some of you are like, "Huh?"
Yeah, I have to face it: While there are some edited ones, the base sheets for Insert Gil are used for RPG Maker, a program that... well, let's just say if you don't get it by now, you should go back to Kindergarten. Or the arcade.

Will at least thank you for stopping by!

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