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» Comics - Path: Part 2 - 27 December 2006 04.00.22.pm

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insertgil, 27 December 2006 03.32.59.pm

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Two consecutive comics for the first time since November.

The fact that I'm pointing this out really bugs me. I shouldn't be letting you know that, statistically speaking, I suck.

Then again, you are prone to making your own opinion.

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RazorD9, 27 December 2006 05.04.00.pm

Well, fortunately, it is December, which your lack of updates falls under the 90% rule where one excuse/answer is used and excepted. "T'is the Season" I know it's worn out by now, but still works until after New Years.

blingmobile, 27 December 2006 08.29.10.pm

So do they need the money from a VIDEO GAME CONTEST?


Like maybe a cross-over?

RW (Guest), 28 December 2006 12.23.20.am

Perhaps they are going to do a test on a CERTAIN Webcomic (Hint, Hint, Nudge, Nudge)

Azdiur, 29 December 2006 05.48.29.pm

There's always pillaging, looting, and selling "Rolexes" on any street in New York...That generally works. I think.

RW (Guest), 31 December 2006 01.57.34.am

Since WHEN did they do any of this?

insertgil, 31 December 2006 02.07.12.pm

We did do that...

Last week.

RW (Guest), 31 December 2006 04.52.38.pm

I looked at the last 7 comics, and I have yet to see any of the Insert Gil team doing that. ANY of that.

insertgil, 31 December 2006 05.02.19.pm

Not all the best stories are put in the comic.

And, for the record, I had nothing to do with the selling Rolexes that tick in the streets of New York.

RW (Guest), 01 January 2007 12.03.33.am

Wait, you were that Guy who sold me that shitty Rolex Watch? I Gave you 80 dollars for a Solid gold Enjeweled Rolex watch! You had better hope I never meet you again.

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