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» Comics - Path: Part 1 - 25 December 2006 05.00.10.pm

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insertgil, 25 December 2006 04.50.47.pm

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Sorry about all the delays, kids. I will admit, my motivation behind this has been rather sluggish of late, but I think I have something in me... for the moment, at least.

While I'm at it, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I wasn't planning on releasing a Christmas Edition, but I decided TO release one BECAUSE it was Christmas! (And not one of those Christmas Filler crap pieces).

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insertgil, 26 December 2006 03.55.21.pm

Good question! At first I was planning on using Overworld (or what Charas calls Charaset) for the majority of the comic, but I found that they were rather bland as far as poses go. I found that the BattleChars would better portray the characters as I see them.

Now, why do I end up using Charasets as well? I wanted to be able to show off the environments (mountains, explosions, buildings), so every once in a while, I use the Charasets in a way similar to the way you see mini-characters in Final Fantasy I-VII. (Besides, they're the only way I can show someone's back!)

I hope that made sense to you. If not, lemme know what still seems unclear, and I'll try to clarify further.

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