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» Comics - Accepted: Part 6 - 04 December 2006 06.10.52.pm

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insertgil, 04 December 2006 06.04.11.pm

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Long time no see.

My finger seems to have recovered quite a bit since the last time. Finals are coming up, so I decided that I'd release something before I got too bogged down.

For those keeping up with the stringed titles, this is the last in the Accepted series, coming soon: Payment.

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IGHeath, 05 December 2006 12.58.25.am

So...did I just get the girl? ^_^;

IG Bruiser, 05 December 2006 11.05.36.am

stay away from my girl heath

Red Wizard (Guest), 09 December 2006 09.50.35.pm

Bruiser is good =)
Bruiser Should get syd 'cause he is a red mage with the best stats!

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