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» Comics - Accepted: Part 5 - 14 November 2006 04.00.02.pm

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insertgil, 14 November 2006 03.41.55.pm

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I know it's slightly atypical of my style, but I hope you like it.

Sorry about the recent "no comic" week. I'm overloaded these past couple of weeks.

I know, two different explanations... what gives?


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IG Bruiser, 14 November 2006 04.48.43.pm

wow jpatch wow

Azdiur, 14 November 2006 05.40.33.pm

So I would guess that Josh must be, er, narcoleptic or something? Is he all better now? Glad to see the comics back again. I was never scared...

blingmobile, 14 November 2006 08.28.53.pm


Xavier, 09 February 2007 06.49.49.pm

I wonder..
I wonder if Bruiser gets with her, or he breaks down and cries when someone else gets with her.. hehe..

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