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» Comics - Accepted: Part 3 - 29 October 2006 04.00.51.pm

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insertgil, 29 October 2006 02.46.45.pm

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Section title changed, mainly because it makes more sense to what's ABOUT to happen.

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This concludes the "Week of Gil" and is the first post for this week.

I am also finally BEYOND caught up to where I wanted to be at this point in the series, so I ask the fans a simple question:

If you could have any piece of Insert Gil Merchandise, what would it be?

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+Leetbunny+, 29 October 2006 04.14.32.pm

I'd have to say T-shirt, or maybe a mouse pad..

blingmobile, 29 October 2006 07.53.10.pm

I'd wear a t-shirt of insert gil if it had a panel from the crossover between Halo:CS and insert gil.

Azdiur, 29 October 2006 09.12.34.pm

Coffee cup all the way...

Honestly I can always use a new T shirt. You could use the banner from the top and that would be good. Or just showing the characters in battle formation with some Green Mages across from them.

insertgil, 29 October 2006 10.51.18.pm

I also forgot to mention that I'm going to re-design the Green Mage Battle Wallpaper AND a second to-be-determined wallpaper.

So, expect that alongside the shop!

Azdiur, 30 October 2006 08.01.12.pm

Ooh, idea!
I would so buy a shirt with a pic of a Green mage or two on the front, probably using Happy Spell and Magic Spoon, then with the hitchhiker explanation and the insert gil logo on the back. It would be so pwn all teh other junk out there!

dinodudemax, 01 November 2006 09.19.17.pm

base ball cap!

monkeyroadkill7, 07 November 2006 02.38.11.pm

Something with Green Mages.

Maybe a wrist sweatband, or some fingerless (hobo) gloves.

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