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» Comics - Intermission: Doubt - 26 October 2006 04.00.07.pm

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insertgil, 26 October 2006 03.47.42.pm

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The title, by the way, is inspired by the fact that Heath's character seems to doubt reality... we have a couple of theories flying around IGHQ, but I seem to like Josh's concept:
He's a dreamer and heavy sleeper, and his dreams inspire him to think differently about the world around him.

I just came up with it on a whim.

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RazorD9, 26 October 2006 11.34.07.pm

When I don't understand something or am angry at something, I blame the internet and the economy. Also snow crabs. Beady eyed little bastards.

Azdiur, 27 October 2006 06.12.56.am

Yeah, those things are certainly pretty strange. Ever wondered wy one can carry only 99 potions but can also carry 99 Tower Shields?

Of course physics do explain nearly everthing, so I'm sure that it will eventually make sense. Yeah, really.

Reno's Stalker, 22 March 2007 07.35.12.pm

That my dear friends, is hammerspace, otherwise known as hypercube of Bag of Infinate Holding. Most rpg characters use Hammerspace, using a bocket of jacket etc. as a portal to their hammerspace. But is has a limit which is why you can only carry up to 99 of an item. ^_^ Thank you Wikipedia.

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