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» Comics - Syd: Part 5 - 25 October 2006 09.02.29.pm

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insertgil, 25 October 2006 09.07.51.pm

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I'm under heavy pressure from my dorm NOT to post this one... There's an "Electronics Fast" that was declared yesterday, but I'm not all for it to be extremely honest.

Either way, it's here, and I have to thank a few people for their CC Liscensed images.


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RazorD9, 26 October 2006 01.48.07.am

Electronics Fast... oh, you mean camping. Haha. Best of luck, and I think they should have planned for one a month in advance.

insertgil, 26 October 2006 08.59.05.am

Camping? I want to go camping!
Actually, it's a serious Electronics Fast. Yes, we have our computers for classwork and stuff, but video games, TV (not that we get any reception anyway), web browsing and the like were supposed to have been thrown out the window (metaphorically speaking).

And, yes, I agree that they should have announced it in advance. I had JUST posted that I was doing the "week of Gil" when they announced it.

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