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» Comics - Magic: Part 2 - 08 October 2006 04.00.06.pm

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insertgil, 08 October 2006 01.31.56.am

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I'm about to go to bed.

I think I'm going to be starting some "side-projects" here in a few days... for instance, I'm proposing an Insert Gil shop. I would, however, like to know about some places that do a better job than CafePress for T-Shirts.

I'll also be getting a "Link2Me" page here in a few days. I'm going to offer multiple sizes of links for you to post wherever. For that, if you have a size you could use, let me know and I'll make something for ya.

Advertisement, 21 August 2019 03.14.28.pm

Crazy_Fox, 08 October 2006 04.28.17.pm

Hey, this is funny. And it's neat how clicking the comic takes you to the next one.

"Or it could implode." HA! YEAH, PICK ON THE CHICKEN!

insertgil, 09 October 2006 08.56.01.am

Thanks for pointing that out!
Yeah, I did do some coding the clicking to do that. (Mind, it's not an original idea: I got it from how facebook handles photo albums.)

Until now, it was one of those SILENT changes...

For those code monkeys out there on SJ: This should go into your Comic Page template where the standard comic image code is:

<!-- BEGIN comic_image -->
<a href="{NAV_NEXT}" ><img src="{comic_image.SRC}" width="{comic_image.WIDTH}" height="{comic_image.HEIGHT}" border="0" alt="Click Here to Go to the Next Comic!"/></a>

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