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» Comics - Pygmies: Part 4 - 04 October 2006 04.00.29.pm

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insertgil, 04 October 2006 01.33.55.pm

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So, sorry about the constant rescheduling. I think I have an update schedule that corresponds to my class schedule.

If all else fails, I will release comics as I make them.

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RazorD9, 05 October 2006 01.22.08.am

Do what ever works. At least you're being honest, haha. Had to work around school. Been trying to make a few in advance over the weekend and Thursday. Hope it works out.

MrBob (Guest), 05 October 2006 11.59.27.am

Maybe now I can find out who she is (I noticed the banner)!

I have an idea who it might be... ;)

insertgil, 05 October 2006 05.29.40.pm

Even FRIENDS don't know...
Yeah, I'm pretty sure you WON'T guess who it is... not correctly at least.

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