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» Comics - Coffee: Part 3 - 01 September 2006 11.00.47.am

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insertgil, 31 August 2006 09.36.28.pm

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Within the last 24 hours, my laptop has died ONCE AGAIN. I am going to be pissed for a little while, no doubt, but I plan on doing some catching up as soon as I have a working computer.

Meanwhile, I am currently accepting donations going towards a new desktop... :-P

Advertisement, 18 July 2018 09.07.37.pm

IG Bruiser, 09 September 2006 02.57.08.pm

hurry up and update kid im going through ig withdrawl

insertgil, 18 September 2006 03.07.35.pm

Sure thing
My computer's back in from the shop (after only 2 weeks, no less...), so the next Insert Gil should be out Wednesday.

Yep, a Wednesday release. Don't get TOO used to it, I'm just using them to catch up with where I should be.

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