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» Comics - Coffee: Part 1 - 25 August 2006 11.00.38.am

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insertgil, 26 July 2006 10.40.43.pm

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Well, gang: I'm posting this nearly a month before its premier, but I'm sure you'll like it.

If you ignore the crappiest tent ever.

(CC) images from flickr used:
"Olympic National Park Campsite" by Topato
"P7233267" by Chylandra

Advertisement, 21 August 2019 03.46.09.pm

RazorD9, 25 August 2006 02.40.22.pm

Seen much crappier tents, the worse was a circle, just a circle.

gun21, 26 August 2006 02.01.52.am

Ah, Insert Gil is a fresh breath of air, welcome back

Caboose Beni, 26 August 2006 08.52.36.pm

i nearly gave up on you. Glad to see that you're still doing this comic.

insertgil, 26 August 2006 11.31.00.pm

What? Me? Worry?
Let's be honest: I LOVE doing this comic. My girlfriend loves this comic. My roommates love this comic.

It's going to take a lot more than a few month's separation for me to quit writing Insert Gil. Like a holiday... or real-life events/tragedies.

IG Bruiser, 27 August 2006 05.15.44.pm

finally a new season...

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