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» Comics - Intermission: Travelling - 09 June 2006 09.00.48.pm

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insertgil, 11 June 2006 10.38.59.pm

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Sorry to say it, but this episode of Insert Gil marks the last episode of the series until September or perhaps August.

Season two should answer a few questions you may or may not have about the series, (such as who is the chick in the banner?)

Due to some "advances" set to happen in season 2, I'm going to go back and redo all of the "battle" comics.

This may be in a few weeks, or this might be THIS week. Point is, expect some images to look slightly different. (Even this one will be changed, just to let you know.)

I also think I may end up doing a fresh template page. Not sure.

Have a great summer everyone, and enjoy the soap.

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IGHeath, 09 June 2006 11.22.17.pm

Nice Bebop reference
You pulled out all the stops for this one man. Nicely done.

IG Bruiser, 27 June 2006 06.21.06.pm

so yeah...
this is the first time i im reading this seeing as i left "state college university" about a week earlier than the rest of the party members so yeah seson one... good and yes i really did use jpatch to level my fire skill faster

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