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» Comics - Squirrel: Part 2 - 28 April 2006 11.00.52.am

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insertgil, 04 May 2006 11.21.41.pm

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OKay, just FYI, I will be working at a summer camp full time this summer, meaning I will not be able to make updates... EVER. Time for a structural analysis.

Season 1 will be ending about June 10... or whatever date that's near (Don't bug me, I'm tired) Oh crap! What does that mean for the future of Insert Gil??

Season 2 (Which promises to be longer and in continuation with the story already started: I swear against Filler Arcs) will begin in mid-August.

I will be wrapping up this season with some more episodes too. Have a great summer, everyone, and God bless you as you do something OTHER than schoolwork.

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copperhikari, 28 April 2006 11.17.00.am


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