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» Comics - Concept: Part 3 - 10 April 2006 11.00.24.am

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RazorD9, 10 April 2006 12.51.28.pm

For the Fridge!!!!!

IGHeath, 10 April 2006 03.52.07.pm

Red Aura?
So I'm thinking...do I really look like that when I'm upset?

IG Bruiser, 12 April 2006 03.48.34.pm

red aura
actually heath you have kind of a purplish aura when you get mad

DraconicSage, 14 January 2007 10.17.09.pm

Yah... Okay, some of you people should total go and read 8-Bit Theater. Great stuffs there. Kinda like this, only totally different. Work that one out, eh? Anywho, it's a sprite comic. I think anyone who likes this will like 8-Bit

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