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» Comics - Concept: Part 1 - 03 April 2006 11.00.08.am

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insertgil, 03 April 2006 12.43.16.pm

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Okay, so here's what I can tell you: I am having some hardware issues with the computer I USUALLY update with. What this means is I may have to make further updates using my 6-7 year old Linux Box....

[EDIT] I said earlier that I would not be able to use my typical font... the gods of Linux are on my side, however, and Debian, the god of swirliness, has allowed me to install it. WOO HOO!

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RandomGuyWhoCriticizesPeople (Guest), 12 January 2007 10.33.04.am

Rip Off
Dave Anez called. He wants his joke back.

insertgil, 14 January 2007 04.13.25.pm

George and Bob, right?
No worries. I got his message.

Actually, I think his message was more along the lines of wanting his whole genre back, but my pen ran out as I was writing the message down.

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