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» Comics - Intermission: Green Mage - 27 March 2006 11.00.40.am

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insertgil, 22 September 2006 01.23.39.pm

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Just FYI: Those who may have seen this one before, I have the original one archived on my computer (as reliable as THAT is), but to reflect developments in the series, I decided to chance the Hitchhiker's Guide style entry.

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Guest, 28 March 2006 09.58.06.am

this is not entirely amusing. but then again i don't like sprite comics. oh well.

insertgil, 28 March 2006 10.10.10.pm


Dude, it's not about it being a sprite comic. I won't assume that you DIDN'T read the others... in fact, I'm going to assume that you did.
I do recommend making sure you understand the comic anyway. It's only 7 comics so far, going back to the beginning is NOT THAT BAD!


MuriraRK, 29 March 2006 05.35.41.pm

Yay, green mages! I WANT T3H HAPPY SP3LL! ^_^ Heehee, fun stuff.

Jypsy, 29 March 2006 06.15.34.pm

I want the happy spell too! the green mages remind me of players of Ultima Online a lonnng time ago!

insertgil, 30 March 2006 09.47.21.am

Due to growing desire for the Happy Spell, a Green Mage Training session will be held at the SCU Basketball Arena Lobby at 2 PM on April 1st.

I will be hosting and teaching...

Man, I hate my life...

***BY THE WAY: To give credit where credit is due, the Green Mage and all that entails was an idea brought to me by roommate and fellow sprite character, Heath.

trombonefellow, 03 April 2006 06.31.01.am

I actually laughed, good job with the comic and the site design.

Sugotenshi, 07 April 2006 03.34.45.pm

The spoon was a damn good Idea! though one must inquire. should you use the spoon to to preform the "happy spell" would that increase it's effect?

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