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» Comics - Exodus: Part 4 - 20 March 2006 11.41.52.am

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Advertisement, 21 August 2019 03.03.45.pm

insertgil, 20 March 2006 12.58.41.pm

By NO MEANS am I or any of the other characters "cute."

But, I'm willing to take it as a compliment THIS time... :-D

flaak_monkey, 20 March 2006 01.14.09.pm

lol. lazy bums. ^_^

trombonefellow, 20 March 2006 02.32.07.pm

Good work.

+Leetbunny+, 21 March 2006 02.35.24.pm

Great comic!!
One of the funnest sprite looking comics
I ever read...

Hyperknux97, 24 March 2006 10.09.26.am

I wonder what far is to him, lol!

MuriraRK, 29 March 2006 05.34.16.pm

Heeheehee, sounds like college all right...we're all lazy bums... ^_^

kaos_kontrol21, 09 April 2006 07.26.24.pm


Flintlockhandmedown, 04 December 2006 12.37.27.pm

This seems like it's trying to be MacHall sprited...

insertgil, 08 December 2006 09.48.50.am

Never heard of it until now. I'm gonna do a read through of it, though, so I know what's been done before. Thanks, um... flintrockhanddowntown? Did I get that right?

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