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» Comics - Exodus: Part 3 - 13 March 2006 11.46.00.am

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insertgil, 18 October 2006 03.40.40.pm

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Otay... so I went and redid some of the comics to match up with how "Season 2" comics look. I haven't changed many of the fundamental details: I mainly just changed the font and how the speech bubbles look.

This one has one fundamental change, however. The "Four Warriors" text from Final Fantasy has been replaced with Wonder Years-style narration.

Why? As Tanis mentioned back in March, yeah, it was kinda confusing, and as I've been reminded by a "lost" XCF (the GIMP equivalent ot a PSD file or the source code), that's how I envisioned the series to be in the first place. The same file shows where I came up with the "Kibble looking in a log" joke.

That's why it's been changed. I still have the original archived, so don't think I'm going George Lucas on you all!

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Tanis, 14 March 2006 07.34.33.pm

Is this meant to be really confusing. It looks great but I just can't follow it

Spartan152, 18 March 2006 09.40.42.pm

I love this comic. Fav'd

NarutoOndo, 06 May 2007 04.05.28.pm

lol pound it!

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