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» Comics - Intermission: Fourth Wall - 01 April 2007 02.02.34.pm

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insertgil, 01 April 2007 02.05.35.pm

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Comic will remain in the Comic List. I know this kinda-sorta breaks my "No Filler" promise, but then again, you might want to take a second look at the last frame...

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Azdiur, 01 April 2007 09.20.54.pm

So it hasn't been handed to a new author...wait, that means it's been the monkeys with typewriters all along, doesn't it! Gah, I can't believe I've been fooled!

Oh well. Guess I can live with that. You'll have to give Frankie a banana for me. He's such a good chimp.

By the way, we had to have a meeting at the church with Steve today, which really frightened me. I mean, just considering how he acts on normal days...Fortunately we were too busy for things to get too out of hand.

RW (Guest), 02 April 2007 07.15.05.am

What? Frank? I hates that guy, with the....typing, and He once flew poop at me...Friggin monkeys.

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