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» Comics - Crossover: Part 4 - 27 January 2007 07.20.10.pm

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insertgil, 27 January 2007 07.20.21.pm

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Slacker? Yes. Very yes. And most of you weren't even in my English class on Friday.

I'm not sure how much longer I can make this thing go. Perhaps one or two more, but I have to get back to a normal gimmick-free plot soon or I'm gonna explode.

Background at the bottom, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License.
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blingmobile, 27 January 2007 07.39.02.pm


Headshot got me everytime.

Kaze (Guest), 28 January 2007 02.01.16.am

Shouldn't it be "Mr. Speedy betrayed Just Whatever." Being thats what halo says when you tk? :P Just wondering, still hillarous, but... heh.

Oh... and curse their 360 theyre playing on!... Curse them! Or did they get some odd white controllers for the original xbox :P?

insertgil, 28 January 2007 12.39.47.pm

Yeah, it could be "betrayed," but it isn't. Perhaps the game doesn't care about Kibble. Perhaps he's technically on his own team. Perhaps the author is just a lazy bum.

And as for the "360" part, Microsoft doesn't even exist on Gil! The controller sprites I used are actually edited from Pokémon: Yellow Version. Believe me, it won't be the last time I do such.

Zayl-san, 30 January 2007 06.06.30.pm

Lol :D Niiice :]

RW (Guest), 31 January 2007 07.29.39.am

Yay! Head shots!

Xavier, 09 February 2007 06.50.59.pm

Headshots are fun :D
Headshots are fun, but they're better on your own team.

IG Bruiser, 14 February 2007 12.57.07.pm

so being as it is that i am the only cast member who in real life finds this holiday without a significant other i would like to wish a happy "singles awareness day" to all of our fans

RW (Guest), 15 February 2007 12.08.19.pm


RW (Guest), 16 February 2007 07.34.09.am

hey, I wouldn't suppose anyone here lived in dallas Texas, would I?

Azdiur, 16 February 2007 08.22.28.am

w00t for singles!

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