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» Comics - Crossover: Part 2 - 16 January 2007 04.00.19.pm

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insertgil, 16 January 2007 03.51.32.pm

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Because EVERY good Halo team needs a N00Bish one. You all are welcome to say your "welcome backs" to Kibble.

The Gamertags, by the way, are close to the ones we see here. Heath actually plays as UPS or Medic, Josh really does use yomomma, but I don't remember Kibble or Bruiser's.

And, sometimes, I play as Scotty Smalls.

Image used under Creative Commons Attribution License:

ALSO: Discussion on this one was longer than it appears now, and it was much longer than I wanted it to go. The "abridged" comments are below. Just realize that there is a point where one must say "enough is enough."

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sandcomics, 16 January 2007 04.03.43.pm

Love your comic, Do you get on msn thought?

insertgil, 16 January 2007 04.08.43.pm

I have an account, so if you should ever see insightpatch@SPAMTHIS.com (and by SPAMTHIS, I mean msn), give it a shot. That's me.

(And, yes, that goes for Jesse and Jacob as well.)

Azdiur, 16 January 2007 09.17.19.pm

I've added you, but the evil Trillian/MSN glitch seems to have struck again. I've never seen you on. maybe I'll have to break down and use Trillian again...Oh well.

RW (Guest), 19 January 2007 06.16.32.pm

What does the CS in Halo:CS stand for?

insertgil, 19 January 2007 09.59.59.pm

Combat Stupid.

Mad and Pissed RW (Guest), 20 January 2007 10.56.00.am

Ok...WTF? Combat...stupid? halo was a great game, and halo 2 was also an even greater game, what the hell is combat stupid?

blingmobile, 22 January 2007 07.11.01.pm

"Ok...WTF? Combat...stupid? halo was a great game, and halo 2 was also an even greater game, what the hell is combat stupid?"

Halo is a orgasmic game, no doubt.

But, Combat Stupid is my comic.

DraconicSage, 23 January 2007 10.01.38.am

Oooooh... What does this button do?
Halo... sounds like fun. Combat Stupid... It's a comic... I'll have to look that up, Blingmobile...

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