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» Comics - Crossover: Part 1 - 13 January 2007 07.00.10.pm

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insertgil, 13 January 2007 07.20.20.pm

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Blingmobile: Be happy. This is the beginning of the long-awaited IG|CS Crossover series.

And, in holding with my vow never to post a single page of filler to this site, this is a contributing portion of the plot.

As for the 503s some of you are getting, thanks for your patience as Smackjeeves tries to work out issues with Dreamhost.

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blingmobile, 13 January 2007 09.30.40.pm



gun21, 14 January 2007 09.22.50.am

Ooh! I know!
If you want to know click on that Charas link at the bottom.

insertgil, 14 January 2007 04.04.19.pm

The links are at the bottom, the 80x15 (or, after stretching, 160x30) images below.

You'll want the one entitled "Charas|Gen."

DraconicSage, 15 January 2007 12.39.43.am

I love the characters.

MGSSOL, 16 January 2007 01.23.05.pm

That should keep Blingmobile happy

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